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The House with Too Many Guests

May 28, 2011

I have to make this snappy because we are expecting yet another guest in an hour or so. Young Kevin is going to Japan to do something for the summer and we’re taking care of his hedgehog Eleanor. Y.K. describes Eleanor as the Tilda Swinton of hedgehogs. My mom is leaving tomorrow so, for tonight, I feel like one of those families that are six to a room. In other words, I am feeling very crowded and grumpy about it. Five humans, four dogs. three cats, one enigmatic hedgehog and one small bathroom to serve them all!

Y.K. will leave Monday afternoon so, Tuesday my household will start to return to normal. Providing some new houseguest doesn’t show up.

TT is feeling under the weather but at least school is nearly done. The finish line is so close!

I saw two movies last night – I watched Gorky Park which I haven’t seen since it came out. And a Danish movie called Flickering Lights. First, Gorky Park wasn’t terrible except for brief bouts of that synthesizer music that was big for a while in the 80’s. William Hurt was good but it was Lee Marvin who stole the show. Now I’m going to look into Lee Marvin and see if this was just a fluke. I know he was in some violent Dirty Dozen type movies or something. Plus, and this is really going back in the mists of time, he was one of the first actors that had a palimony suit filed against him. I’ll be looking that up as well. As I recall, the woman lost the suit and had basically wasted years of precious golddigging time thinking he was the golden meal ticket.

I also recalled while watching Gorky Park that William Hurt has a well documented reputation for slapping women around. He has the best eyes but if he hits women, I’m afraid that is very bad. Also, in the climactic final scene of Gorky Park, there are a bunch of dogs that are killed and they are Dobermans. How could I not remember this from when I first saw it? Anyway, that kind of was a major shitty thing at the end of a not terrible movie. I gave it three stars out of five because Lee Marvin was pretty hot.

The Danish movie Flickering Lights was terrible. Awful, dreadful and gross. An animal killer’s dream come true movie and an animal lover’s nightmare. It’s about four friends who escape with a bunch of stolen money and they are all psychopaths. Really nasty guys. They end up opening a restaurant in the middle of nowhere and a million animals are killed and the movie pretty much sucks and then takes a deep breath and sucks some more. I can’t believe that piece of shit was billed as a comedy. And as an excellent comedy, at that.  I gave it two stars out of five on netflix but I’m going back to give it one star- yes – it was that bad. As well done as Let the Right One In was and The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, Flickering Lights went in another ugly direction.

It isn’t just as an animal lover(and some of the animal killing scenes seemed unpleasantly real) that Flickering Lights offended me. It offended me that it created a fake world where psychopaths can create a world for themselves and, boy, its a great world. If anyone normal(like one of them had a pregnant girlfriend but don’t worry she gets punched and dumped) shows up they abuse the hell out of the person. The movie operates on the premise that none of these kooky, cruel guys is nice to anyone but people really like them and understand them. Huh? It seems to end on a “God love ’em. What are you gonna do?” note that I found without any merit whatsoever.

So, that was my Friday night.

Well, I need to go grab some more coffee and try to look presentable for Young Kevin, his beagle Tuck and the Tilda Swinton of hedgehogs, Eleanor. Thank goodness it is your day tomorrow. I haven’t even started my hostess routine and I already feel worn out by it. I hope you can hear, beating like a heartbeat in the background, the refrain: I would like my home back please.

I’m still really enjoying reading on the kindle!

Love & hugs,

Croney 1 who is not feeling very nice about humanity today because she never has any privacy!

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